Thank You!

For every dollar of mission support shared with the NC Synod, 64¢ goes to support our agencies, institutions, and synodical ministries here in North Carolina and 56¢ goes to support our churchwide ministries in the ELCA.

Thank you for the many ministries you provide through your benevolvent gifts—gifts to the NC Synod to the ELCA.

Financial Resources

Since 1803, the NC Synod has been fulfilling its mission of Walking Together—Sharing Christ. Together our congregations are able to accomplish ministry beyond the reach of a single parish. Mission support and invested funds provide the resources necessary for ministry. We do much and can do even more!


Ministry Budget

In February ministry expenses are considered by the Bishop's staff and Synod Council’s Finance Committee. The proposed Ministry budget is then presented to the Synod Council at its March meeting. The budget is discussed, possibly amended, and is then posted online for assembly voting members and rostered leaders to review and consider. At assembly in late spring, the budget is again discussed, possibly amended, and then adopted by the voting membership of the assembly. The synod’s fiscal year runs from February through January.

2015 Approved Ministry Budget

2015 Budget Outline and Ministry Profile

2014 Approved Ministry Budget

Our synod is blessed with many funds which help support our ministries together. Young people develop leadership skills and families learn to pass on faith because of the youth and family ministry fund. Through the candidacy fund and NC Fund for Leaders, seminarians are encouraged and supported. Campus ministry donations provide a spiritual home away from home for college students. Thousands of multi-media resources are available to lay persons and clergy through the Heilig Resource Center Fund. Immediate care is possible for those overwhelmed by crisis thanks to gifts to disaster response. The generous and well-managed NC Lutheran Synod Foundation, including the endowments of Michael Peeler and Virginia Casey enable incredible ministries across North Carolina in the name of Jesus Christ.

To learn more about planned giving, congregational endowments, or to make a gift yourself, contact the NC Synod-ELCA Planned Giving Director.


Mission Support

"Mission Support" is the term used to describe the unrestricted offerings congregations send to the synod. This is the largest expression of giving and the main source of revenue for the shared ministry of both the synod and churchwide missions. About 36% of the mission support received by the NC Synod is forwarded to the ELCA churchwide offices for our national and international ministries.

Mission support measures our generous response to God's generous gifts.

Each Fall every congregation is sent a letter outlining their suggested mission support for the next year based on the mission support formula adopted at synod assembly. This request is derived from the information provided by the congregation in its annual congregational report and from giving history and other considerations. Congregations can accept their formula request, discuss other options with the synod, or designate an amount over and above the amount asked in response to God's generous blessings.

2015 Approved Mission Support Formula

2014 Approved Mission Support Formula


Congregational Treasurers

Thank you for serving as your congregation's treasurer. Here are some helpful hints: When writing a check to the synod, please make the check payable to "NC Synod ELCA" and submit with the remittance slip. Also, be as specific as possible in the notation line. It is especially important to be specific when sending designated monies to the synod office. [Example: Instead of writing "missionary support," be more specific. If the funds are to go to a missionary your congregation is supporting, write in the missionary's name. If disaster relief funds are meant to go specifically to "Tsunami Relief" or "Hurricane (fill in a name) Relief" write that on the check. Gifts not specifically designated will be deposited into the synod's general disaster fund.]

Find resources for congregational treasurers and bookkeepers here. Contact Michael DeNise, Director of Finance and Administration, with other questions.