Faith Formation

Share your stories...

Jim LaDoux of Vibrant Faith Ministries did this short exercise at a recent retreat for Youth & Family folks. The task - in 30 seconds answer the following question...

How do you practice your faith everyday?

For me, it's blessing our son before he goes off to school each day. We've been doing this a long time and he's surprisingly still willing as a high school sophomore. Maybe that's not so surprising after all. We all need to be blessed.

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Share your ideas. We all need new ones. Here are a few I heard...

* Instead of Christmas gone amuck, how about giving someone money to give away? Whatever the amount - asking these questions - where would it go and why? It does seem to change the equation of Christmas = what I get to Christmas = what I gave away.

* Ask yourself this question - what would the ideal day where I was spiritually fed look like? Now, what can I do today?