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The Online Church Conference


June 10
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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The internet is no longer a new idea for the church and it is essential to the future of our faith communities. What’s the difference between “church online” and “online church”?
As churches begin to return back to their sanctuaries, how can we carry our new practices and what we have learned forward and institutionalize them and weave them into the fabric of our ministry and church cultures?
What if TikTok is the newest iteration of telling parables and faith formation could happen 15 seconds at a time?
What does it mean to YouTube your church?
How is social media replacing religious institutions and how can faith leaders capitalize on this reformation moment of transformation into a virtual reality?
How can we use online spaces and groups to foster that deconstruction and growth until we are able to find proximal community spaces to connect with?

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