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Connect with a Coach

Explore more information about coaching. Then connect with a coach!

Coaching Services


After gathering your information in the Coaching Interest Form, we will connect you to a coach that fits you.

You determine the agenda, set your goals, and lead the conversation.

Your coach commits to confidentiality and walks with you in a true partnership.

We agree coaching is not mentoring, counseling, therapy, consulting, or spiritual direction.


Coaching Topics


  • Discipleship
  • Stewardship
  • Children, Youth & Family
  • Worship Leadership
  • Community Development
  • Time Management
  • Self-Care
  • Staff
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • And more!

Charlie explains more about ELCA Coaching.

In this video from the MetroDC Coaches, Presiding Bishop Eaton shares her testimony on why coaching matters and talks about her experience with coaching!

NC Synod Coaches

This group of individuals are eager to walk with you as you discover ways to make concrete changes in your life and in your ministry context!

Coach training is provided in the ELCA by ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified trainers. If you’re interested in developing this skillset, first have a conversation with the Bishop and discern how this might benefit you and the synod. Then connect with Pastor Charlie Zimmerman.

For more information about becoming a coach, contact Pastor Charlie Zimmerman.


Timothy Brown

Director of Special Gifts for Methodist Home for Children
Coaching has helped me develop the muscle of deep listening and issue tackling, and as a coach I’m grateful I get to pass these things on to others. I love helping people listen deeply to themselves, identifying the stuck places and working it out with them. I am in coaching because it works. Simple as that. It has been the single best tool at helping me shape my life and vocation.

Meg Fielding

Retired at St. Mark's, Charlotte
I’ve been active in the ELCA on a local and synodical level for over 25 years. When I retired and moved to Charlotte, I discovered coaching. I’m excited to take this next step and walk with others as they discern their path to their personal goals and ministry. I feel called to be in relationship with people looking to discover new pathways and to walk with them as they discern those new opportunities.
Jennifer Ginn

Jennifer Ginn

Interim Pastor at St. Luke's, Tyro; NC Synod Council Member
While I am new to coaching, I am well-seasoned at listening deeply to individuals sharing the desires of their hearts. Recently retired from 20+ years in full-time pastoral ministry, I now serve as an interim part-time pastor and have more time to spend walking with ministry professionals and others in coaching relationships. I bring to coaching a passion for helping clients align actions with intentions. My greatest coaching joy is the moment my dialogue partner discovers inside him or herself both the resources needed to meet the intended goal and the capacity to set concrete steps in that direction. Then we celebrate!

Grace Gravelle

Pastor at Holy Trinity, Raleigh
Coming Soon

Barbara Huffman de Belon

Retired at St. Andrew, New Bern
Coaching, whether with first-call or well-seasoned clergy, college professors or non-credentialed laity, teams or individuals, is truly an amazing journey where I have the privilege of accompanying my clients. To help them arrive at their personally-set goals and objectives, and find along the way that they have the ability to impact both themselves and their world, becomes a blessing to me as well.

Heidi Kleine

Director of Faith Formation at Christ the King, Cary
My experience growing up as the child of a pastor and working in ministry for the last decade while caring for a busy family of six gives me a unique perspective to work with individuals seeking to find balance in life and ministry. Coaching has provided me a venue to lead others to insight and direction in their lives, clarifying their values and focusing their priorities to more clearly reflect them.
Jeff Linman Headshot 1

Jeff Linman

Retired Pastor, Living in Franklin, NC
I have a holy discontent about the decline of the ELCA. At the same time, I believe that with God’s help congregations can learn to thrive. I was ordained in 1985. In 2018 I retired to live out my passion for church renewal by encouraging, inspiring, and challenging leaders for the sake of future generations. My passion was ignited in 1996 when I was called to redevelop a congregation in Orlando with 50 mostly retired members and no building. We rebranded ourselves “Spirit of Joy” and for the next 20 lived Ephesians 3:20 together as we converted a bowling alley into our mission outpost, sent three teams to Burundi, Africa, and served as the catalyst for the launch of a faith based, government supported homeless service center. If you are passionate about renewal, believe that God’s power is at work in your midst, and long to realize greater Kingdom in your ministry, it would be my honor to discuss serving as your coach.
Rosemary Peek

Rosemary Peek

Pastor at Shepherd of the Hills, Sylva
Coaching is a wonderful practice of deep listening and reflecting back to the other what is happening in their lives. It is a joy to reflect to others in a way that brings clarity and vision to what God has been, is, and will continue to call them to do.

Jonathan Schnibben

Pastor at Good Shepherd, Mount Holly
Coming Soon

Pierson Shaw

Pastor at Bethany, Hickory
Coming Soon

Scott Suskovic

Pastor at Christ, Charlotte
For many leaders, it is not a theological crisis, but rather the organization principles and skills that must be address in order to return to their passion and love of Jesus. A coach is a fellow traveler in ministry, asking questions and providing follow up to the vision of ministry that is locked inside you. I welcome the chance to help you unlock that vision in order to figure out life so that you can return once again to that passion and love of Jesus.
Frank Waugh

Frank Waugh

Pastor at Amazing Grace, Granite Falls
Passionate faith and church growth are contagious aspects of intentional ministry led by ordained and lay leaders who are willing to do the work of addressing the challenges of community engagement and planning. Under the stress of busy lives and ministries, it can become convenient to avoid difficult questions that are critical to unleashing the full power of the gospel in various locations. Ministers and lay leaders sometimes attempt to go it alone, adopting lone wolf approaches to solving ministry problems rather than utilizing the resources of the wider church in fulfilling the call to service. ELCA Coaching provides ministries the opportunity for companioning support along the journey of growth, fulfilling our call as synodical Christians - working together for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Greg Williams

Pastor at Grace, Hendersonville
I have been married to Brenda for 35+ years. We have two adult children who both work in careers rooted in their faith. I embarked on coaching certification to improve my skills in leading a ministry team. As I have benefitted from coaching, my interest in it has grown. I want to share in cultivating strong, healthy leaders and supporting them in moving visions to reality for themselves and their context.
Charlie Zimmerman

Charlie Zimmerman

ELCA Coach Trainer and Mentor; NC Synod Coaching Coordinator
I've been coaching 10+ years, am certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) at the Professional Level PCC), am an ICF Mentor Coach. Coaching experience includes: time management, self-care, strategic planning, staff, transitions, and retirement. I coach because it helps people grow and change! Coaching empowers us to become the person God has created us to be and live out our purpose. It enables us to get unstuck and move forward as we discover the answers for what we need lie within us.
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