With God We Can!

With God We Can!

In spite of challenges because of COVID-19, the partnership of With God We Can! has continued its commitment to feed people in our community of Rocky Mount, NC whose bowls are empty.

We started canning on Sunday, July 19, 2020, about three weeks behind our 2019 start date. To date in 2020, we have canned 277 quarts of tomatoes—in 2019 we canned a total of 245 quarts of tomatoes.

Because our canning crew is reduced to a single household (for safety reasons) and cannot be together, we had to think outside the box since the farmers still had other produce to share and brothers and sisters still needed healthy food.

So, packing in vacuum bags and freezing has been added to our process. As of September 29, 2020, 205 gallons of vacuum-sealed frozen bags of produce have been prepared.

Watch the 2020 God’s Work. Our Hands. With God We Can! Video. (password=can)

Story submitted by Pastor Alice Johnson-Curl. “I am very blessed to have the sacred privilege of serving with Trinity Lutheran Church and the community of Rocky Mount.”

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