We’re back for phase 2!

May 19, 2020 |


We’re back for phase 2!

Program Director Pastor John Mocko, and Program Assistant Caroline Mocko are excited to continue work with Faith+Finances+Freedom/The Lifeline Fund Program of the North Carolina Synod in Phase Two.  “We are blessed that Lilly Endowment Inc. has granted our synod a ‘scaling’ grant in the amount of $500,000 that we share with 4 other synods in Region 9.”  These partnering synods are offering education debt relief grants to all rostered leaders in each of their synods. Congregational Stewardship Program grants are also available in each synod through each synod’s Director for Evangelical Mission. Pastor Mocko says “We welcome all rostered ministers in all synods to apply for education debt grants.”  Phase Two grants are available from 2020 through 2022.

For the gifts we have been given:

  • We say thank you by sharing the $500,000 with four other synods in Region Nine who are partnering with the North Carolina Synod: Virginia Synod, South Carolina Synod, Southeastern Synod and Caribbean Synod.
  • We say thank you by continuing the two most effective components of Phase One, namely, grants to relieve education debt and support of programs to develop effective stewardship in congregations.
  • We say thank you by developing efforts to raise funds to match the grant from Lilly Endowment so this program will be sustained long into the futur

For Rostered Ministers in participating synods in Region 9:

Apply now, online, for a grant to relieve some of your education debt!

New applicant’s requirements:

  1. Complete the Financial Peace University course
  2. Receive 3 free financial counseling sessions from a Portico or LSS Minnesota representative
  3. Submit a ONE PAGE SUMMARY of education loan payments for the previous 12 months for every education loan.
  4. Submit your Report to your Bishop for the current year

Previous Grant Recipients: 

Rostered leaders (NC) who have completed requirements and received a grant in Phase One must:

  1. Complete the Phase 2 application
  2. Submit proof of debt payments for the previous 12 months on a ONE page summary
  3. Submit your Report to the Bishop for the current year
  4. Submit an “Evaluation of Impact” report for the grants previously received

Stewardship Programs for Phase Two to be offered to congregations

  1. Stewardship for All Seasons (SAS)
  2. Creating Generous Congregations (CGC)
  3. “Executive Certificate for Religious Fundraising”

Information on all stewardship programs is available through your DEM or Synod Stewardship Team!

Join us by submitting YOUR application for Phase Two of Lilly Endowments Inc.’s “2016 National Initiative to Address Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders”
2020-2022       Submit an application every year!!

Thanks be to God!

For more information contact NC Pastor John Mocko, Program Director, at 336-596-4517.

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